Women in Technology and Entrepreneurship in NY
Teaching 2-week design thinking and product development program for WiTNY, a partnership between Cornell Tech
and CUNY, Aug.1-12th, at Cornell Tech.

WiTNY, a partnership between Cornell Tech and CUNY, aims
to empower young women to become the next generation
of pioneering leaders in entrepreneurship and technology.
This summer, WiTNYwill be offering an exciting new two-week program for incoming college freshman women interested
in learning more about how to participate in the digital economy.

The curriculum is focused on product design through the lens
of a real business challenge. Students will learn and use design thinking techniques to work through the product development lifecycle, from conducting user interviews, to brainstorming and iterating user-centric solutions, to using basic code to develop an app. Along the way, students will also get the chance to work with women who are currently in the field and participate in panels and discussions designed to give a more holistic view of what a career in tech can look like. You don’t need to have any background or courses in technology or computer science to participate –
just an interest in finding out if a career in tech is right for you.

WiTNY’s Summer Studio is modeled after Cornell Tech’s innovative Studio curriculum and will include visits to hot tech companies in NYC and interactions with real customers associated with this summer’s business challenge. During the two weeks, students will also talk with current CUNY faculty and students
who will help participants navigate the many options at CUNY – from introductory courses, to majors and minors, to special interest groups and clubs – all of which will help students explore their interests and find a community of like-minded women at CUNY
in the fall.



The Art of Innovation:
A Design Thinking Immersion

Course Description:

This hands-on course will prepare you to be future innovators
by teaching you Design Thinking, the human-centered design methodology pioneered by IDEO and Stanford d.school founder, David Kelley.  You will work on a team with peers from other disciplines so as to experience the importance of “radical collaboration.”  Your team will work on a challenge given to us
by a real sponsor and you will be asked to design an innovative solution to their complex problem. 

Course Learning Objectives and Outcomes:

At the end of the semester, students will be on your way
to becoming a DT expert because you will know how to:

  1. Experience empathy for the user.  You will do this by
    learning how to conduct ethnographic fieldwork
    (immersion, observation and engagement). 
  2. Generate a compelling design vision (i.e. you’ll know how
    to select an important challenge or user and how to frame
    the question so that it leads to an innovative solution.
  3. Practice effective brainstorming techniques that start
    move from flare to focus.
  4. To do rapid, low-res prototyping and why it is an important step in the innovation process.
  5. How to conduct effective testing with users and how to
    rapidly iterate using their feedback

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